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Ask a Parent

Sometimes the best answers come from someone with first-hand experience. If you would like to know what it's like to have a child at Stanstead College or if you have questions about anything from uniforms to homesickness, why not ask one of our parents! They are happy to answer your questions in many languages.

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  • Ask Li Li Ju

    Mother of Tony, Grade 12, and Raymond, Grade 7, China

    "During the years my eldest son was at the school, I felt deeply that they were trying hard to educate students to be healthy, intelligent and upright, which is exactly what I want my children to be. I am also very pleased with the environment for learning, personal growth and leadership that the school has always provided, as my children have benefited so much from it. "


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  • Ask Gerald Kogler

    Father of Max, Grade 11, Austria

    "Max was hoping to pursue his ice hockey career in North America and be able to combine the sport with a good academic education. From the moment we got in touch with Stanstead College, it was clear that this was Max's preferred choice. When we finally toured the campus and met with teachers, admissions and coaches, we were absolutely convinced that Stanstead College would be the right place. After the first few months, we can only stress that choice was fantastic."


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  • Ask Kathleen Smits

    Mother of Quinn (Grade 12 prefect), Walker (Grade 10) and Holden (Grade 8), Canada

    "Stanstead College is a very special place. Our daughter Quinn was a school boarder for Grades 10 and 11. Stanstead College has given her unique experiences and academic excellence second to none. Wanting to give our two boys the same incredible opportunities, we decided to move our entire family from British Columbia to reside here."


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  • Ask Marisol Xolalpa

    Mother of Tere, Class of 2023, and Marisol, Class of 2019, Mexico

    "Being part of the Spartan community has been a positive experience for our daughters. They have grown up in a safe, respectful, and magical place that allowed them to be themselves and learn great values in discipline. It is a very professional environment with a high academic level of education. Stanstead College has been one of the best decisions of our lives."


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  • Ask Amberly Leasure

    Mother of Sarah, Grade 9, USA

    "I talk to my daughter most days and she always sounds so happy and engaged in every aspect of her day. She's commented on how supported she feels by her teachers and peers alike. 'It's like everyone is rooting for you to succeed every day,' she says. While I miss her terribly when she's away, I know Stanstead was the right decision!"


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  • Ask Annie St-Georges

    Mother of Rosemary, Class of 2022, and Martin, Class of 2019, Canada

    "I could not have chosen a better school for my children. Stanstead College is a great place for students to flourish, get to know people from around the world and develop academic, athletic and social skills while under the supervision of highly qualified teachers."